My passion for photography began rather inadvertently.  In my junior year of high school I signed up for drafting.  However, drafting didn’t end up fitting with my schedule, and I decided to go with my second pick for an elective, photography. From here I learned that my school was one of the few in the area that taught digital photography along with film, and more importantly for me, Adobe Photoshop.  I had already become interested with Photoshop before ever thinking about taking a class in photography. I advanced quickly with the program and won awards at several high school photo competitions in my senior year.  In college I was thrust into the idea of photography as conceptual art.  Yet I never lost the idea of photographing for aesthetic appeal, and while other students went on to do cyanotypes and artfully soft images I strived to create crisp technical compositions with an emphasis on the image itself.  This has led me to photograph nature in my spare time.  Soon I developed my second passion in the realm of photography, shooting wildlife.  This genre continually leaves me wanting more, so many of its images are homologous and lacking in originality. Worse yet is that the genre does little in its attempts to serve as a conservation effort.  It was this push towards a new mode of image making in the nature and wildlife realm of photography that prompted me to merge my two loves in photography, Photoshop and wildlife.  Ultimately I want to progress my art towards a new genre of contemporary wildlife photography similar to what minds like Mark Klett have done in the genre of Landscape photography.